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Private half day sightseeing tours

The number of visitors coming to Tula is increasing each year. Some of them come to visit our museums or to know more about Leo Tolstoy and his family, but regardless, Tula is a very beautiful city with unique architecture, history, production and people. If you visit only limited places you will never feel the real spirit of craftsmanship in the city. That’s why the best way to know Tula is to visit a private sightseeing tour with one of our English-speaking guides.

We deliver different kinds of private city tours. Some of them were created to give a general idea about Tula and some of them were made to give you deeper and lucid vision of the Russian weaponry capital. All our programs include private transportation with a professional driver and the services of an English-speaking guide who knows everything about Tula. During the tour you will see our main streets with beautiful houses which belonged to the famous dynasties of Metal, Weaponry, Samovar and Pryanik producers. You will take pictures with our monuments and art-objects, walk along Tula Kremlin walls and open its secrets, you will taste Tula with the help of pryanik and you will definitely understand, why Tula is the armory capital of Russia.

Today Tula is one of the richest cities in Russia with beautiful architecture, a new and modern embankment, walking street with dozens of museums, the biggest city park in Europe and modern city spaces that will make you fall in love with our city. And our guide will do her best to make your private city tour memorable.

All you need to book the private city tour is to connect with us via the booking form at www.eng.pryanik-tour.ru or text us or call us at WhatsApp\Viber\Telegram\ +7-963-227-99-70 Or send us a message via e-mail: pryanik-tula@mail.ru. We can customize any tour by your own request. We are waiting for you visit any time of a year! Welcome to Tula!

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